How To Stay Healthy In Quarantine

consuming chocolate style! Sound good? Who says chocolate has to feel guilty?

Lockdown has been a great test of our will power, especially in not eating the entirety of the snacks cupboard, just becomes the common habit, every time I pass through the kitchen I can't help but pick up a snack on the way, It's been 9 weeks in lockdown and it's getting out of hand, the more I try to behave, the more I obsess about thinking all things tasty. 

I am a self-proclaimed snacker of habit, and if there is anything I’ve learnt in the past, the best solution for not snacking is by NOT trying to STOP, funny huh.

But still, why choose the change to sugar-free? Apart for the, reduced calories and less guilt, coco-unai has been designed in with nothing but natural ingredients and designed in quality with the help of food science experts and nutritionist, to provide a clean product,  taste especially to satisfy that 'chocolate' craving Personally made, coco-unai is the only bean to bar sugar-free recipe made here in the UK and the quality shows this.  The truth that we have all experienced is, the addictive nature of sugar.. trying to refrain from eating too much is not always easy, but with making the switch to a coco-unai bar you’ll notice a satisfaction that doesn’t need to lead to sweetness overload.

Have I convinced you yet?

If I have, take a look, and here is also a free shipping coupon! To activate use code: FREESHIPPING when prompted in checkout.

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