My Relationship with Sugar and the Beginning of Building My Empire.


I believe in… living a healthy, happy and mindful life, mindful in everything that you consume but not in diet culture.

My names Alice foster, and I am the founder of UNAI. A sugar-free chocolate company bringing artisan, sugar-free innovation to the chocolate market.


And today I want to share with you my story…

Why I created this business and my sugar relationship. 

As long as I can remember I have loved all things sweet. 2014, I had finished school, and that summer I was expected to start University excited with the prospect of independence I was excited to especially to be in control of my own meals, and I thought this was great. No more of eating mums stew and hello healthy organic beach bod hear I come. *very cliché I know

One thing I was aware of, my family we love sugar, and as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I knew my sugar consumption was not healthy. It was around this time I had bought a book, from an Australian chef, that like myself was obsessed with sugar. (  and told of her transformation to A complete sugar-free life. What she talked of sounded amazing, from her constant mood swings to now leaving her full of energy and life, and I was hooked. I had seen myself in her story and I wanted that life.

So I got to work excited with the idea I started my zero sugar venture, but it didn’t take long, a week or two, till I was slouched on the sofa, a few empty wrappers and an unnerving sense of guilt. In that moment I was so angry at myself, so disappointed that my will power had defeated me, with the combination of guilt and sugar consumed that night I felt so sick. I would try time and time again left me in the same position. Frustrated with my success for me this is when sugar became the enemy.

The problem is.. why does sugar taste so darn good?? And any sweet substitute a could find just wasn't filling my sweet fix void.  The biggest miss conception I found with my brand is that with no sugar equals to naff taste, or filling your body with nasty toxins that lead to cancer. And honestly everywhere I was looking this was kind of true. I think my biggest let down to trying to lead a sugar-free life was I didn’t want to consume the sugar, and I hated the way it made me feel, but I didn’t want to give up the joys of sweet delights forever? #catch22

This is how I began my mission.

To build my brand against everything out there.


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