Does what you consume, affect how you feel?

Ok so here's the thing... this is me looking super healthy eating a bowl of fruit, but that not the full picture of the day... It doesn't show me eating a ton of brownies consumed after this photo or all the other snacks I consumed before. And to be honest most of this fruit was gathered specifically for the photo opportunity not actually because I had a spontaneous need for an elaborate fruit bowl. (it's true!)

My title outlines that what you consume affect how you eat. So what am I doing preaching it? 'fake it till you make it?' No.. but I do know, eating healthy ALL the time is hard! and dare I say unattainable.

But my message is this!

 When I did try to cut out sugar, I did feel better, A LOT BETTER actually. When people talk about having more energy, less mood swing and generally not feeling tired all the time, this was all true! But after a week or so it all ended the same way... CRAVING THAT SWEET FIX, that eventually I would always give into.  

One of my core beliefs is It's important to strive for ‘Health’ and not just to ‘Be Skinny’, and taking care of what you put into your body, in my experience does affect how you feel. But if you're anything like me your life is chaotic, and your meals and snacks mirror this. Jumping straight into the realm of uber health eating in any context, just never sticks (like EVER) and for some reason every time I tried, I would go into a mass binging spree! (a circle of health destruction). If this is you too I feel you!

Now I live by compromise, I try not to stress my body out with yoyo effect but instead, relaxing myself from any restrictive diets and stress and accepting when a cheat meal/treat is deserved. A lot of people ask me if I live sugar-free life and I guess here’s my answer. My advice to you, make food decisions that fit your need in that moment. If it's going to make you feel good about your decision, go for it! If not... you know what's best, no one knows your body better than you.

Stay safe x


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